1. open media player links
  2. download files
  3. import files to itunes or your computers music player
  4. make sure music player is set to shuffle
  5. press play on every media player online and offline
  6. soundcloud
    download for itunes

    The playback system of media player, computer process, and internet speed act as the arranger of the piece of music. Each player has a distinctive way of playing back sounds and isn’t built for such short sounds which creates hiccups, freezing, and glitches in the playback as the computer and program struggle to keep up. As it attempts to direct itself to, load and play each file the gaps left become rhythmic components. The sounds played back are individual to whomever is listening to its computer’s processing speed, their internet connection, their browser, and the players that allow shuffle ensure it will be a piece of music that is never the same. The process dismantles and questions the traditional musical ideas found in almost any music for home listening like the ideas of: a song, a track, an arrangement, or a composer. It relates to historical compositional styles that apply chance processes and use the limitations and qualities of the audio playback format itself to determine the result. This modernizes those historical philosophies about music for modern technologies. The internet allows music for home listening to be distanced from arbitrary formats like album, ep, or single which were mainly established through limits in forms of distribution when vinyl records were the most easy way to distribute music.