Upcoming Shows
9/23/23: Potion Seller @Kelly bday Firehouse w/Anna Reidester, Gavi, Adaa, Scott, Power Lobster, Donna Revving
10/25/23: Potion Seller @Firehouse w/Otto, Jazz Lambaux, Musique Chienne

Past Shows
8/12/23: Cursed Image @Northeast Noise Fest
7/30/23: Potion Seller @O'Briens, Allston MA w/Croaks album release
7/30/23: Caleb & Cryptwarbler @Firehouse Worcester w/Kirin McElwain & Matthew Ryals, Manuel J Perez III, TOAARM, Nova New Chorus
6/6/23: Caleb Chase @Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/opening for Harrison Wyrick and Parker Davis "Ye Olden Tales" w/ Rebbus
5/29/23: solo @Kingston, NY
5/24/23: Potion Seller @seCret loCation w/Jazz Lambaux, SoLow, fallen
5/21/23: Cursed Image @Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/Eric Satie Birthday Event
5/20/23: 100 Horses Opening @Horse Room Worcester, MA
5/19/23: Cursed Image @Cold Spring Hollow, Belchertown, MA w/Ross Wightman, Birthday Surprise, NatKat Duo, HSFB:A
5/18/23: Cursed Image @FIND OUT Jamaica Plain, MA
4/29/23: Cursed Image @Firehouse Woo♥️ATL Festival
4/28/23: Caleb Chase @ Red Ink, Providence, RI w/Guitare Varblr, Marie Carroll/Manuel J. Perez III/Kimmie Sabio/Mackenzie Kourie
4/15/23: Cursed Image @Firehouse w/Crank Sturgeon, NxCx, Andrea Pensado, +DOG+, The Cost of Living
4/7/23: Cursed Image @Red Ink, Providence, RI w/Web Hex, Cargo
3/25/23: music and dance @Loculus Collective, Holyoke, MA w/id m theft able, Jen Gelineau, Olana Flynn, Molly McBride, Madison Palffy
3/24/23: Cursed Image @Hampshire College, Amherst, MA w/Beam Splitter, Playbackers
3/21/23: Caleb & Cryptwarbler @Tuesday Night Noise, Hotel Vernon, Worcester, MA
3/15/23: Caleb Chase @Mayday, Providence, RI w/Retribution Body, Abdul Sherzai & Mackenzie Kourie, Marie Carroll & Cryptwarbler
2/28/23: Caleb Noise Band @OBriens, Allston, MA w/ I Want a Cat
2/18/23: Potion Seller @Diversity Consignment Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Joyce, Marie Carroll, Walk Me Home
2/17/23: Caleb Chase @The Ridge, Providence, RI w/ James Paul Nadien, Cargo, Luke Rovinskym Caleb Duval, Rebbus
2/4/23: Cursed Image @Cold Spring Hollow Belchertown, MA w/ Sweetness the Point of Song, Matriarch, Redux
1/20/23: Cursed Image @Firehouse w/ Kath Bloom, Staubitz and Waterhouse, Andy Mcleod
1/18/23: Caleb Chase @Firehouse w/ Webb Crawford, Georgia Beatty, Olivia W-B, Miranda Agnew
1/6/23: Cursed Image @AS220 w/ Denver Nuckolls, Marie Carroll/ Mackenzie Kourie/ Alby Pearson
1/1/23: Corpse Paint @Noise Brunch, The Firehouse
12/9/22: Cursed Image @ Firehouse w/ Qu33rbait, Untitled Noise Night
11/19/22: Cursed Image @ Sonorium- Salem, MA
11/18/22: Cursed Image @THEM FEST, Charlton, MA w/ Rhuberry Bluebarb, Collector, Cake Breaker
11/17/22: Cursed Image @Firehouse Worcester w/ STALWART, Forbes Graham, Michael Larocca
11/12/22: Cursed Image @Washington St. Gallery, Somerville, MA w/ Playbackers, Joe Burgio
11/10/22: Live Score to Short Films @Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA w/ others
11/3/22: Potion Seller @Firehouse Worcester w/ Hello Shark, Squitch, Pink Navel, Comet Pond
10/29/22: Caleb, Kelly, Crescent, Ben Live Score Dr. Calligari @ Royalston Town Hall, Royalston, MA
10/28/22: Cursed Image @ Firehouse Halloween w/ NEETS, Crescent, & Rhuberry Bluebarb
10/22/22: Potion Seller @ Wonderland- Allston, MA w/ Woid Bear, Meltdown Committee, & Talk Chalk
10/21/22: Cursed Image @ The Ridge- Providence, RI w/ County Conversation District, Instant Messenger, Orgone Splitter, Sheridan Woika
10/1/22: Caleb & Crescent & Millie @Hampshire College Woods w/ Noa Jacques & Alina Jacobs, Liam Kramer White, Marie Caroll &
8/27/22:Caleb Chase/Marie Carroll/Ethan K-W/Kelly Chen @Firehouse w/ Tongue Depressor, Matthew Pony Rollins, Lean, Rhebird
8/26/22: Wojak Edit @Firehouse w/Hexx Head, Pleasure Coffin, Certain Lives, Wojak Edit, IMISSMYDEADFRIENDS
8/20/22: Caleb Chase/Marie Carroll @JP Porch Fest
8/19/22: Cursed Image @Firehouse w/ Them Airs, Rufus Cesspool, Windier,
8/13/22: Corpse Paint @ Northeast Noise Fest @Firehouse
7/8/22: Potion Seller @Firehouse w/ Lepra, Ozeregroth, Jenn Taiga, Necralant, Potion Seller
7/7/22: Corpse Paint @ Firehouse w/Giant Enemy Cancer Cult, Dino Crisis, Wrought Fontanelle, Corpse Paint, Abdul Sherzai
7/1/22:Royalston Shakespeare Company presents "A Midsummer Night Dream" directed by Kelly and me
6/19/22: Potion Seller @Firehouse w/Silica Gel, Holly Waxwing, Bastian Void@ Firehouse
6/18/22: Cursed Image @ Solstice Jubilee @ Tourist Trap - Allston, MA w/ The Croaks, Reggie Pearl, Paper Lady
6/4/22: Cursed Image @ Firehouse Worcester w/ Wrest, Marie Carroll & Yoona Kim, Michael Rosenstein & Jesse Collins @ Firehouse
6/2/22: Potion Seller @ Firehouse Worcester, MA w/ Cole Blouin, Olivia W-B, Fomosurfer,
4/25/22: Caleb/Aly @ Firehouse w/ Adaa, Nestor, Bromp Treb, PussyVision,
4/24/22: Cursed Image @ Firehouse w/ Shit Whitman, The Taxidermists, , Anna Reidister
4/10/22: Cursed Image @ Root Cellar @ Bard College, Hudson, New York w/Space Camp, Loren Ames, Aly Gear
4/9/22: Caleb/Aly @ Firehouse w/ Sunk Heaven, Revenge Body
3/26/22: Cursed Image @ Firehouse w/ Baby; Baby, Andrea Pensado, Precious Metal Lady
12/10/21: kirakirakira @Purchase College, Purchase, NY w/ Rada Rada, Aly Gear
12/4/21: kirakirakira @Hampshire College, Amherst, MA w/Foxtails, Owen Manure, Violet Pine
11/22/21 : kirakirakira @Cold Spring Hollow, Belchertown, MA w/Many Many Girls, Gastric Lavage, The Gorn, Mellified Man
11/15/21: kirkirakira @The Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/ CHS, Cyrovacs, Scald Hymn, Diagram Angelsbreath, Mellified Man, Liam Kramer White, flubber boiler
11/14/21: kirakirakira @The Parlor, New Paltz, NY w/flubber boiler, Giant Enemy Cancer Cult, Death Drive, Rhuberry Bluebarb
11/13/21: kirakirakira @10 Forward, Greenfield, MA w/ Cal Fish, LUCY, Itchy Kisses, Blix
11/12/21: kirakirakira @Prattsville Art Center, Prattsville, NY w/ flubber boiler, Giant Enemy Cancer Cult
10/17/21: kirakirakira @Nature’s Classroom, Charlton, MA, THEM Fest w/ The Skirts, Connor Storms & His Boys, rueberry Bluebarb, Doctor Medecine
10/16/21: Tobey Horse Ceremony @Pony Henge, Lincoln, MA
8/20/21: Potion Seller (ft. Aly Gear and Kelly Chen) @The Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/ NEETS, The Skirts, LEAN, Aylmer, Contract Bid, Flubber Boiler, Venerate the Plow
8/14/21: Potion Seller @ Parlor, New Paltz, NY w/NEETS, MSL
8/13/21: Potion Seller @Too Many Mansions, Coxsackie, NY w/NEETS, MSL
4/15/21: Potion Seller @WMUA Online Show w/ Machine Girl, OTTO, Jigsaw Youth
9/4/20: Waifu Shrine @online zoom show w/ Mourning Dove
4/4/20: Waifu Shrine @Zoomer pt2 online show w/ Liam KW, Erotic Cabbage’s Sex Dungeon, Duke Lude, Matt Luczak
3/27/20 : Waifu Shrine @Zoom online show w/ Weather is Happening, Mourning Dove, qrs-281, Pleurodesis, L Heron, Translucent Old Man, Evan/Geffan/RubyKraut/PB/salt, zero sum ensemble
10/14/19: Caleb + Noa @The Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/Sneeze Awful, Thousandzz of Beez, Liam KW, Abdul Sherzai
10/2/19: Air Booster (me+Syd) @The Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/Leor Miller, Visibilities, Lady Queen Paradise
8/10/18: Sun Sky Mountain Ground @ The ER w/ Edge Petal Burn, Squirrel Flower, Strange Mangers, Alexander
8/5/18: Sun Sky Mountain Ground @Cloud Club, Boston, MA w/ GRUN Wasser, Karman Voh
7/20/18: Sun Sky Mountain Ground @Mystery Machine, Boston, MA w/ Vince, Leng Bian, Butch Baby
3/28/18: SCUM @The ER w/ Period Bomb, Dykes & Gorgons, Bethlehem Ruse, Nest, FatAss
3/9/18: SCUM @Trixie’s Palace w/Dust From 1000 Years, Big French, Brittle Brian,
2/3/18: SCUM @Deep Thoughts w/ KTB, Nice Guys, Gobby
1/26/18: t-shirt scores @Washington Street Art Gallery, Somerville, MA Co-Incidence Festival Final Concert
12/31/17: SCUM @The Farm w/ American Whip Appeal
10/5/17 : t-shirt scores @MassArt, Boston, MA, Cage Match
9/?/17: Waifu Shrine @Black Lodge, Allston, MA w/Baby; Baby;, Wizard Cult
7/24/17 :SCUM @Deep Thoughts w/ Pucker Up, Haag, Jim Leonard Band
7/21/17: Waifu Shrine @The Rat’s Nest, Boston, MA w/Nana, Bad Milk, Stupid Diapers of Time, Lord Tofu, Dr. Flamingo
6/21/17 :SCUM @Bear Cages, Boston, MA
5/31/17: Worm Funeral & SCUM @ Marmion Center for the Arts w/ Jazz Massagers, 237, Shime Waza, Skiddatle Battle, People Person, Jarvaland and the Shark Bag Collective, Blues Dreambox, +more
5/12/17: SCUM @Midway Gallery, Boston, MA, BLESHUE - BEAUYANT Opening Reception
5/8/17 :SCUM @Marmion Center for the Arts w/ Haag, Phantom Head, Steamtraktor
4/29/17: SCUM @ Black Lodge, Allston, MA w/ Gamma Pope, Trim, Dead Tenants, Decisions
4/20/17: Waifu Shrine @Marmion Center for the Arts, BRUJAS in Boston Party
4/1/17: SCUM @Marmion Center for the Arts, JP, MA w/Thickets, Vitamin Sun, Standby, Sac Blabbeth
4/1/17: Errata—Brief Interruptions the Futurefarmers@ Carpenter Center, Harvard, Cambridge, MA
3/25/17: SCUM@ Marmion Center for the Arts, w/ Spectramotiv, Happy Little Clouds, Lilia Mercedes
2/25/17: SCUM @Marmion Center for the Arts w/ Nancys, Peach Fuzz, People Person, Banana
2/11/17 : SCUM @Marmion Center for the Arts w/ Michi, Slugger, Paige Chaplin, Rather Be
1/28/17: SCUM @Marmion w/ Blues Dream Box, Jazz Massagers
1/7/17: Worm Funeral & SCUM @Marmion w/Bourgeois
11/17/16: “The Mountain” Theater Performance @SIM Big Show
10/28/16: Horse & Buggy Hearse @Marmion Center for the Arts w/Bougeoise, Catch Wreck
4/12/16: Sound Poetry Opera (w/ T Wood & Corinne Perreault) @Godine Gallery, MassArt, Boston, MA
2/21/16: Caleb + Nick + Tim Clarinet Trio @Marmion Center For the Arts w/Memole, loftnt, uncle milk
5/22/15: Worm Funeral @Marmion Center for the Arts w/ Kayvon, The Hatchbacks, Qwax, Puzzle Mansion, u2, Wet Cole
4/30/15 : experimental turntable music trio@MassArt, SPF-15
4/20/15: Worm Funeral @Midway Cafe, Boston, MA w/Titans of Industry, BruteMukti, Poor Jeremy, SHROUD